Let your fans recognize you through a mind blowing light show.

Besides that the music for your new tour is unprecedentedly cool, your performance can miss something. What would it be like if your fans were surprised at your performance? Something that would completely surprise them. Let us help you make your world tour without problems. Together we create extraordinary stages, effects and light shows.


Every tour starts with an idea. By taking an extra step in the thought process, we are happy to help you go on a quest for new elements in your show. Fans look forward to your show for months, even if not years. You want to surprise them and ensure that they pass on everything to their friends and family.


After all the ideas are on the table, much thought has been given, it is time to design your event. We think of everything in terms of stage design for you. From the elevator that you take to the stage, to the neon CO2 cannons in the roof. No worries, you will see everything in advance.


Now comes the most crucial moment: programming. It must work for multiple stages around the world. We help your tour managers with setting up all show programs. We adapt to your requirements and wishes.


This is the moment when everything comes together. The moment we've all been waiting for. Your event. Everything is arranged: light, sound, FX and even rigging. Grab a small moment, a nice beer (or soda) and enjoy.

Let us take your world tour to a higher level