Festivals & events.

Let your visitors remember your event because of your appearance.

What many organizers forget is that visitors rate your event on your appearance. There are endless possibilities in the field of light and FX. Why don’t you try to do something other than just an end show? We are happy to help you come up with new ideas that people remember and pass on.


Every event starts with an idea. By taking an extra step in the thought process, we want to look for new and unique designs together with you. Instead of just an end show, we amaze everyone: all day long. This way we create the 'wow' effect for your fans and visitors.


After we have shared all our ideas and have written everything down, it is time to convert these concepts into a 3D render. With the help of the WYSIWYG program, we convert everything into a drawing that is accurate to the centimetre. You won't find a better illustration of your event anywhere.


After we have gone through the design completely, we start programming the stage together with the light & sound suppliers. In this process, we think of everything so that the construction of the stage is arranged down to the last detail. Don't worry, we'll arrange it for you.


This is the moment when everything comes together. The moment we've all been waiting for. Your event. Everything is arranged: light, sound, FX and even rigging. Grab a small moment, a nice beer (or soda) and enjoy.

Let us help you take your event to the next level