Why is an lighting design is important for my corporate event?

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15/04/2019 Finn Ruijter


Corporate events are not always about creating a show effect. It’s about emphasizing the right aspects. Impress; that can be done in many ways.

Your product presentations, conferences or important meetings can make a greater impression with a pre-designed lighting design. Your idea can finally become reality. Even if an external company already design, we can work with they’re desired format. This could be for example SketchUp SKP, AutoDesk FBX, DWG CAD, or AutoCAD DXF.

"Creating memories that people will never forget."

This is how we roll

Our designs are done with an specific roadmap. We believe that this results in the best end result.


Every idea begins on a simple piece of paper. We’ll discuss this with you and draw some of the best ideas. With all that ideas we can create an design that meets all your needs.


In the second phase we create an CAD drawing based on your idea. This is the design in rough lines and with all the technical aspects. This will be presented to you in a video call. When you have additional feedback, this will be fixed in our 2 design rounds.

3D Visualization

At this point you will see how the event is going to look like. We recreate the whole room in an 3D visualization with your lighting design. The entire presentation can be created here. This can be done via a time code, or simply live at the event.

Curious how we can impress?